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  1. 94 4.0L random engine random shut off

    So, 1994 Ford ranger Splash 4.0 4wd auto Got it pretty good price, kid loved it, big tires, lots of cosmetic stuff. Kids had it before us took out all the interior plastics pretty much including dome light, headliner, a pillar trim, visors, etc., put all kinds of crazy lights under it, in the...
  2. Brake light switch issue on my 03 Ranger XL.

    Hey guys, I have a brake light issue on my 03 Ranger XL. The brake lights come on when I move the brake light (brand new might I add, old one had same issue I'm talking about) switch up or down, but don't when I press the pedal down or do for a little bit then stops working, then when I jiggle...
  3. wiring apush button latching LED switch

    you see these on Ebay a lot a really versatile little switch with a few options for installing
  4. how to wire a 7 Pin winch or accessory switch

    Lots of switches out there do not come with instructions especially if you get them for a bargain this tutorial may help
  5. FillMarr

    Using 03 model dome light on 07 ranger

    Hey all, I just swapped my 03 RWD ranger for an 07 4x4 this year. Loving it. One thing I miss is having the dome light switch on the actual light. The roll switch/dimmer near the headlight switch isn't accessible by the passenger. I want to know if there is a way to use an older-style dome...
  6. Clutch switch not engaging and clutch not fully releasing

    Truck info: 1999, 3.0, 4x4, manual, 190k miles For a while now, my clutch pedal has been going to the floor and it's gotten increasingly more difficult to go between 1st and reverse. I was thinking that I would start with bleeding the system, removing the transmission, shooting myself, etc...
  7. No Brake Lights! Please help.

    Hey all, So my trusty Ranger is confusing me. I noticed in the past few days that I do not have brake lights when pressing on the pedal. Troubleshooting steps I have done are as follows: Replace brake switch. Replace both bulbs on each side. If you put hazards on, they flash. If tail lights...
  8. rayb2300

    mazda dlr

    Being Canadian, there is not much or any posts on daytime running lights. 2004 b2300, dlr's went out long ago, checked a few things then and just turned lights on, if need be, since. Obviuosly, fuses good. Is there a switch off ebreak or wired into something else?
  9. 84bluebronco2

    Head light switch issue

    94 Explorer XLT Head lights have been acting up recently, as in pull switch and lights occasionally decide to illuminate. If you fiddle with the switch you could get them to turn on... replaced switch today, no headlights at all... Tried original switch, brand new replacement, and a spare...
  10. Dimmer to aftermarket guages

    Anybody have experience hooking up after market gauges through the dimmer switch on a 91' Ranger?
  11. rawrrediffer86

    transfer case swap?

    okay i have a 97 ranger 4.0 automatic tranny & i have the switch activated transfer case. i was wondering how hard is it to switch to a lever actualted transfer case? any ideas? would be gratually appreciated. i already have the manual locking hubs.
  12. C4 parts compatibility

    Is this part REPF506407 (neutral safety switch) compatible with my C4 (id code PEE AE8)
  13. Flickering tail lights/ fog lights/ corner lights.. HELP

    A couple days ago my turn signals/ fog lights (everything tha comes on with the middle spot in the headlight knob) started flickering when the headlight switch is in the off position. If you turn the knob to the middle or turn the headlights on everything is fine, the problem only happens when...
  14. Vacuum hose diagram for heating/AC

    I have a 2005 Ford Ranger 2.4 l engine, manual transmission, AC Does anyone have a diagrams showing the vacuum hoses to/from the switch for various vent/air conditioning? I have removed part of the dash, that is to say, the center panel where the ventilation/heating/air conditioning switches are...
  15. 1986 Ford Ranger 2.3l Ignition Control Module (Distributor Mounted)

    Hello all, a few months ago I took my truck into the High School auto shop to redo all the brakes. When we finished overhauling the brakes, I tried starting the truck and it did not start. It cranked over, but did not fire. It ran fine before all of this. Here's what I know: - Does not start...
  16. Door jam switch 99 4.0

    I have a 99 Ranger XLT 4.0 4wd power mirrors power windows. Driver side door switch went out. Pulled it (what a pain that was) went to autozone got a switch, wrong one.:icon_confused: Pulled up catalogs with pics at Napa Autozone and Schuck's and they didn't have the correct replacement...
  17. Where to put the SWITCHES

    I have a 2000 Ranger XLT and have no idea where to mount switches. Well . .. I know where I could, but it has to look good too. Any ideas or pictures?

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