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suspension lift

  1. 2005 STX Sus problems

    I have an STX with 4-5 in lift with 33s and I cannot find the correct front shocks for the life of me everything I buy or research ends up being for torsion front suspension rangers. I have one that is literally snapped in half and I can’t find any suitable replacements anywhere. Please help...
  2. 1996 mazda b3000

    Hey first post here I’ve been looking everywhere for a lift kit for my 1996 mazda b3000 2wd can someone help me out please
  3. RedwoodRanger

    Radius Arm broken spacers

    Hi guys, I'm almost done installing my 4 inch skyjacker class 2 lift on my 4x4 92 ranger. Yesterday I spent awhile grinding my axle on drivers side (Dana 35) to accommodate the new radius arm. Anyway, my issue is after I bolted them to the axle then torqued the arms to the axle and then...
  4. Best way to fit 33s on '02 4.0L V6 XLT?

    I have an '02 4x4 XLT (4.0L V6) with stock suspension/lift. I want to put 33s on it. There seems to be room because the XLT already has more stock wheel space than other rangers, but I am worried there will be rubbing. What is the best way to fit them? Will I have room if I crank the T-bars and...
  5. I need advice on my 84 ranger

    I have a 1984 ranger 4x4 2.8l 5 speed manual. I need some help with suspension. I want to set this truck up for some mild off roading. I don't know where I should start. Or where are some good places to get some parts. I do have a limited budget and will be doing this over this summer.
  6. Need Advice Please!! 1998 Ranger

    I have a 1998 Ford Ranger with 31's on it already. I really want to put a mid travel kit like a fabtech 5.5 or camburg kit. I would like some advice which to go with or any other kits. Also in college so trying to save as much money as possible but my front end needs work so might as well...
  7. 2in" Lift Install Easy or Hard?

    Hi y'all i have a stock set up on the truck rite now and im thinking about going to a 2in'' skyjacker lift i would go 3in sus lift but i haven't found one? so might just go 2in'' and if later on I wana go bigger i can do a 1in'' body lift because 3 is the max i wana go, but i was just curious on...
  8. Shocks for a 3" lift?

    I am looking for some shocks for my 1999 Ford Ranger 3.0L V6 XLT extended cab 6ft bed style side with a 3" lift. When i lifted it i didnt change the shocks and now the ride is awful. Any suggestions for reasonably prices shocks for a 3" lifted ranger?
  9. off roading overhaul need advice

    After some extensive online reading (still need more) I am ready to throw out my plans and get some advice from the forums! Ranger specs: (all stock) • 2001 Ranger Edge 4X4 SOHC 4.0L Automatic • Open 8.8” with 4.10 ratio • 151,000 miles (purchased at 110,000 miles) • 30” tires My goals: • 33s...
  10. Alignment after lift coils?

    Although this is my first post, i have searched through these forums time and time again and still have a few questions. I want to do a 3-4" shackle lift in the rear and already have those fabricated. In the front I want to do 4" lift coils or 2.5" coils with a 1.5 or 2" coil spacer. Any...
  11. xBLAKEx

    Best 4in Lift Kit for a 1988 Ranger 4x4?

    I'm new to this community and I'm not very knowledgeable of suspension kits and systems.:icon_confused: I'm looking to lift my 4x4 88 Ranger so i can put 31/10.50/R15 under it. I was wondering what exactly i need to lift my truck, and what's the best way? I've been looking at the Skyjacker Class...
  12. Body lift

    I have a 97 ranger and I'm debating either a body lift or a suspension. I do about 20% off road. Is it worth the trouble of a body lift for the much lower cost?

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