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  1. '99 4x4 Suspension Lift Kit HELP

    Hey I'm new to posting on this forum, typically I've just been viewing, but I've been struggling a bit. I'm looking to lift my 99 Ranger 4x4, ideally 5.5" but the best I can find for my truck is the superlift 4" lift kit. I know there's 5.5" out there, I just can't seem to find any. Second to...
  2. SAS or Superlift

    Okay guys I got a 2006 Ford Ranger Sport, 4bi with a 3 inch body lift and I want to put 35"s under it. Best bet would be to do? Would I be able to fit 35"s if I put Superlift's 4" lift in my truck with the body or would it be best to SAS the truck. I can afford both and do both easily as my...
  3. William Spitzer

    98 lift questions

    i know there are alot of threads about lifting 98+ trucks, but i couldnt find any about what im thinking about doing. ive found these 2 kits...
  4. comparini3000

    dumping torsion bars

    I have a 2003 4wd Edge that I'm looking to make upgrades to....specifically removing those torsion bars. I've looked around here and a little on dezert rangers, and i've found two ideas that interest me, but i can't figure out the difficulty level or $$ for each of them. i also wanna make sure...
  5. cmequestionu

    superlift wheel spacing

    When I was quoted for a superlift 4" lift kit the guy behind the counter said I needed offset wheels or wheel spacers in order to use the truck after installation. I have not found anything on this in my searches. Is there any validity to this statement or is he just trying to sell me stuff I...
  6. Superlift 3.5-4" lift help!

    I am not to sure exactly where the front I-beam brackets are supposed to be mounted. Super Lift instructions are half as**d and I cant figure this out...Would anyone have images or and idea of where exactly to mount these brackets. Also I am not sure where the Super Lift traction bar brackets...
  7. Other Suspension Kit's.

    I'm looking to buy a suspension lift for my 2006 Ford ranger sport 4x4. The only one I can find is one done by Superlift that is 4" though. Does anyone know of anyone else that makes a ranger suspension lift for my year other than Superlift? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  8. Suspension and Tire's question.

    I have a 2006 Ford Ranger Sport 4x4 with a 3" body lift. I am looking into purchasing a 4" Superlift suspension lift. I was wondering with both kits installed what would be the biggest tired I could fit comfortably. Any input would be appreciated, thanks.