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  1. My 4.0L is whimpy.. forced induction mabey???

    Hey guys! I have a 1994 ford ranger 4.0L mated to a 5 speed trans and 3.73 ford racing gears. Truck works.. ok with the cold air, autolite plugs, MSD ignition coil pack, electric fan from a chev HHR along with the radiator, cat-delete into 3" flowmaster mufler with duel side pipe exits. I need...
  2. 03 ranger M122 swap tuning

    My ranger is an 03 with 97 Mercury mountaineer 5.0 (GT-40) and it's still obd2 and fuel injected so my question is, if I bought an SCT tuner could I send them a list of things I'll be adding along with the blower like throttle body, injectors to get a custom supercharger tune or would I still...
  3. Supercharger Ford ranger project

    http://youtu.be/e-aSoFvVtq4 I'm not 100% about my idle issue, rev up n down a little! When throttle body is closed! I haven't check for leaks or anything! At idle with throttle body closed there is reversion, maf sensor double reading the air??
  4. Edgefevah


    So I am trying to think of my options here. Just figuring on either throwing supercharger on my 4.0OHV or leaving it NA with a cam(putting a cam in regardless). MY trucks engine is a 95TM block with the larger piston dishes, and I have 93TM heads right now. As far as compression I read a post...
  5. moddbox

    My Moddbox Supercharger Kit Install

    Ok. So there are alot of great "how to" guides on here... but I haven't seen a complete and thorough "how to" supercharger install for the 4.0L SOHC engine (specifically for Ford Ranger/2dr Explorer/Sport Trac & B4000). So... here it goes. If you obtain a Moddbox Installation kit and any...
  6. rangerscout

    3.0l supercharger buildup long travel kit

    Ok so this is what i AM going to do and i dont care about your negative criticism i just want positive ok. So what i am doing is getting the tom morana racing stroker kit to make it a 3.3l and i am going to be getting the m90 or m112 supercharger and maybe a water meth kit but thatd be later...
  7. Lil-Pony

    forced induction?????

    my dad jokingly said he wanted to turbo or supercharge his 99 3.0 2wd ranger and it got my gears going, is there any kits made for this motor. i know of supercharger kits for the 4.0 since i believe its the same as the stangs 4.0
  8. thebigyellowtruck

    I want to put a supercharger on my 97 Ranger 2.3

    I want to put a supercharger on my 1997 ranger with a 2.3L engine in it. It a great truck, but i wish the power was there more. I'm debating on whether or not to drop in a small v8. maybe a 289 or 302. If its cheaper i would rather just put on a supercharger. I'm pretty sure it would be less...
  9. supercharger?

    so i no for the 4.0 sohc u can use an eaton m90 supercharger and im wondering if i can use that on the 4.0 ohv engian or if there is another brand that will bolt on?? ne input??
  10. What can I do to enhance my 2.9L Ranger?

    What can I do to give my 2.9 more power? Superchargers are at least $2000 from what I've seen. You guys know of any superchargers or turbos cheaper than $2000?
  11. New toy: 4.0 OHV supercharged

    Hello, new guy here. Came looking for help and info on a new project I just got a hold of. While out cutting wood one day at one of my dads friends-friends house, we were in his pole-barn and I spotted a motor in the corner with a pretty looking little blower bolted on top. I walked over, looked...