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  1. PapaBear

    Hello from Ventura, CA!

    Saturday, this 1.5 owner California-rust-free, 159k, 2002 XLT Supercab with smooth-running 2.3l 5spd beaut made a 350-mile drive home… interesting. ABS light came on when accelerating to pass The temp gauge decided to just languish at the bottom. 😬 After the third top-off of the tank, the...
  2. Dropping the drive shaft

    Hey all, I got a 91 Ranger Supercab that the Drive Shaft Center Bearing gave out on. I got the part between the center bearing and rear off. Can I just unscrew the nut on the drive shaft and slip the bearing off? Or do I need to drop the driveshaft between the transmission and center bearing...
  3. kwatson72

    1995 2.3 Ranger supercab 5 speed 2WD guy from Eastern Washington state

    Hello everyone. I am a new owner of a 1995 2.3 2WD 5 speed Ranger Super cab. bought from a dealer fairly cheap, but needs more work than I thought. I plan on making this my daily driver. My 2011 RAM has 164k miles and is killing me in gas. Really like this little Ranger, but I have to pull...
  4. Just an idea

    Just was wondering if anyone knew if it was at all possible to take a 7 foot bed and replace a 6 foot bed on my supercab.
  5. Kage

    The Lone Ranger – Kage’s ’94 X-Cab Leaf SAS and Bed Bob

    How it looked when I last saw it (it has since been reduced to just the bed): How it used to look: Quick Links: Note: I have gone back and rehosted (and reposted) all of the original information found in this thread over on my website www.midwestnomads.com due to Photobucket being dumb. So...
  6. well heres the plan..

    To start I own a 1988 ranger supercab. its lifted 4inches. on 31'' bfgs. i am looking to put a whole list of things into it.... here they are: -motor-- 5.0 302 efi -tranny-- f-150 4 speed w/ od manual - transfercase-- one out of a f-150 (not sure what type) - rear end-- 9in - front end-- dana...

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