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  1. 2005 STX prerunner mid travel front suspension.

    So I’m trying to find the parts I need for mid to long travel front suspension. However, I’m finding that every kit or parts list with pictures that I can find in whole of the interwebs doesn’t look the same lol. The coilspring is literally through the freaking frame. How tf do I upgrade that...
  2. Looking for STX emblem

    Hello everyone, My grandfather is restoring his 1986 Ford Ranger is looking for a STX emblem. Does anyone know where I could find one? Thank you.
  3. Will a 1993-94 STX/Splash grille fit on 1996 XLT?

    Hey guys, new here and recently picked up a 1996 XLT 4.0 that I finally have the time and energy to start playing with. I was curious if I would be able to swap out the stock grille on the 96 for a 93-94 STX grille like the one here? It looks like everything should line up/fit but I want to be...
  4. AlwaysOriginal

    Wanted 1st gen oem ROLL BAR & GRILL GUARD

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for an OEM black roll bar and grill guard for my Ranger. I know new/aftermarket bars are available, but I always prefer original if I can find it. Thanks
  5. SvenLaxMan

    1988 stx supercab jump seats

    Hi, im 17 and i just recently purchased a 1988 supercab stx ford ranger and as of right now the two jump seats are missing. I cant find any of the proper model for sale and i was wondering if either someone knew where to buy them or knew a different model of seat that would fit properly?
  6. Pix3L8

    Body lift help

    This isnt an urgent matter but I am planning on putting a 3' body lift on my truck and I have some questions. I have a 1985 2.8l STX with a 4" suspension lift, but I need more ride height for the tires im putting on. Ive seen on some websites that I need a steering linkage extension and possibly...
  7. Pix3L8

    85 ranger STX lift question

    Hi guys, I have an 85 STX 2.8L ranger, the truck came with a 2in factory lift although I don't believe it has the "highrider" suspension. The suspension is at the end of its life and I wanted to add 2 inch coil spacers and an add-a-leaf in the back to fit the new shocks I purchased. The only...
  8. Is my ranger an xl, xlt, or stx?

    1992 Ford Ranger Manual windows & locks AC/Heater 3.0L V6 OHV 12V 4-Speed Automatic Regular Cab Long bed 2WD RWD Ranger badges are missing, looking to replace them Title & vin decoders do not say Thanks for any help, feel free to ask any questions. (Sorry for the sideways pictures, not sure...
  9. Jacobs

    can not find parts!

    im working on my 88 stx 4x4 ranger with the high ride option, and the guy I bought it from had over tightend the lock ring nut for the front drive shaft. I was changing wheel bearings and both sides have broke. the local parts stores only cary parts for manuel locking hubs and dealer dosent cary...
  10. windshield

    Hello i am trying to find out if the windshield from a '97 xlt ranger would fit a '95 stx ranger.
  11. BlackBII

    BlackBII's white ranger

    Guess who's back? Yeah, I am, you dirtbags. Picked up this little guy over the weekend, 2.3 4wd. No rust, but the interior is crap. Stay tuned for some updates in the coming weeks on this little ranger. :icon_welder: The 1989 Ranger Custom current mod list(May 2018): 1992 Explorer 4.0...
  12. adding coil spacers

    So in the tech library it talks about using welded washers to put under the coil to lift it, but im confused as to wear to put the washers. I havent taken the coil off yet but there is already a bushing there, so does the washers go above that or below it or inplace of it? Also could i go as far...
  13. xX_STX_Xx

    New guy from AR. '87 Ranger STX Highrider!

    Hey TRS. Im the new guy on the block. I've been using TRS for awhile to help with my truck, which I'm extremely proud to say is an '87 Ranger STX Highrider. Picked her for $600 dollars. Right now, has over $2000 dollars in her. She's my baby and so i thought I'd show her of a little to yall, and...
  14. xX_STX_Xx

    Air intake on 2.9L.. Worth it or not??

    Hey, guys, whats up. I have an 87 Ranger STX, 2.9L bored .20 over. i was reading through the tech forums and i saw the air intake topic. Is it worth removing the air box? will i get the promised 10hp increase from K&N? This would greatly help!! Oh and by the way, half the reason i asked is...
  15. 1987 Ford Ranger STX

    Hey everyone. I have a 1987 Ranger STX and i am looking to lift it. The local 4x4 shop told me i couldnt get a lift bigger then 4 inches for it but i wanted to put a 6 on it. If anyone could help me out that would be great! Id like to not have to put it on myself because im really busy with work...