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  1. Joined from SE Florida

    I've been using the information from the forum for some time now to troubleshoot my 1998 Ranger XLT 4.0L that I'm selling after 9 years and my new acquisition 2007 Ranger Sport 3.0L. I have found some very useful information and troubleshooting methods. I decided to join to post some of my...
  2. Hesitation / stumble at 90% Throttle

    1992 Ranger, 2.3 L, 5sp Mazda, Std Cab / Short bed Hi folks - new to this forum and have searched for related topic, but no luck. . . Just bought this truck and it runs great, except for this hugely annoying problem - can't accelerate up a freeway ramp my mashing the pedal, cause it will...

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