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stock height

  1. Putting 2wd at stock 4wd height

    Dunno if this is better in the pre-runner or not but figured it'd be ok in a 2wd lift forum- I have a 1996 Ranger xlt extended cab 2wd that I'd like to bring up to stock 4wd height, i'd like to get a little more ground clearance out of it but i don't really wanna put the money in for a...
  2. MichaelG

    Putting it all together, a suspension idot.

    Ok, here's the basics: I'm mechanically minded. I do all my own maintenance and modifications to the motorcycles I own, my son races motocross and I'm the acting mechanic for his bikes as well. I've done a large number of electrical modifications to cars and trucks over the years and I'm...