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steering wheel

  1. sebastian323

    Swapping a 2007-2011 steering wheel into my 1996 XLT

    So it appears the 2007-11 wheel will bolt up to my 1996 truck. I am wondering if the cruise control buttons/ wiring will be compatible. I read the airbag in the 2007+ trucks are double stage, and that you need to select one of the airbag stages to run in a single stage airbag older truck...
  2. KasenLeigh90

    Relocating steering wheel cruise controls to aftermarket switches?

    Truck info: 1990 Ranger 2.3L w/ 5 speed TL: DR- Move steering wheel cruise controls to aftermarket switch panel???? I am going to install an aftermarket NRG steering wheel in my truck. There's nothing wrong with the stock one, I'm just going in a different direction with my build rather than...
  3. Swapping out steering wheels

    Hello, I am really new here, so sorry if there is already a thread for this question. I currently have a 2004 ranger, I used to have a 1997 ranger. I personally loved the old steering wheel I had, but my current truck has the updated one. Would it be possible to go to a junkyard, snag an...
  4. Steering wheel column problem

    I have a 97 ranger xlt, and at times the ignition wont work and the four ways will flash. My wipers don't work half the time either. Took it someplace and was charged $300 to replace the combo switch but still have the same exact problem. Any suggestions as to what it may be?
  5. nktidwel

    Play in the Wheel

    I know this has been discussed, however I have not seen anything with the same symptoms (I read several). There is play when the wheel is turned to the left, from the "normal" posistion. I figured I would check what I could easily see. I bent over, looked at the joint in the cab near the...
  6. steering wheel swap

    hello everyone I was wondering, if it was possible to swap out my steering wheel (2004, w/cruise control buttons) with a steering wheel from a 2007-2010 Ford Ranger? I looked at the steering wheel on the 2007's and they look identical. Does anyone know if the connectors are the same on the...
  7. Bryan101

    Steering Wheel lights (Cruise Control)

    My 1996 ranger has cruise control on it and the on/off side light is out. Does anybody know how to replace these lights and know what type of light these are? ____|''''''\___ l_/'''\____/'''\| =(O)===(O)== -------------------

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