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start issue

  1. Sat Now Won't Start!

    Hey guys, so I left town for a few weeks, truck was running great, and I came back and now it won't start! First thing I did when I got back was charge the battery and top off the oil the night before work, but in the morning it would crank but not start. Had power in the cab, starter was...
  2. DankTank

    Starting Issues with my '86

    So, I bought my 1986 Ranger XLT over half a year ago. in January, I had an engine from an '87 B2 installed by a reputable shop. Now I'm having 3 issues that are more than likely linked in some way. First, the truck doesn't "kick off" in the traditional sense. More like it just "sustains"...
  3. 2004 Ranger Won't Start

    I turned by truck in for whirling noise I heard toward the front of the engine. I assumed it was a bearing of some sort. I left it with the mechanic so he would test drive it, so he could hear it himself. Of course, he did not. He opened the hood to hear what he could in the engine. It was...

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