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speed sensor

  1. stamina

    where is hydraulic ABS valve on 1990 ford ranger with 7.5in axle

    the orange ABS light and red BRAKE light are on 100% of the time, brakes work and stop good, parking/emergency brake works good. ABS does not work. i am going to replace ABS speed sensor, and if that doesn’t work the control module. if all else fails then i know it’s the ABS hydraulic valve...
  2. Speedometer

    I have a 99 2wd ford ranger and been having trouble with the speedometer not working and rough transmission shifts. I’ve changed the speed sensor 3 times and nothing is helping.
  3. Strange Problem With Transmission or Sensor?

    1998 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0L V6 (4R44E Auto) Do apologize for the long post, but want to explain everything that has been done so far. So picked up this little pickup recently and have been trying to figure out how to fix it. Body was in pretty good shape and only had 103,203 miles on it when I...
  4. 99 ranger abs

    Hello I am new to this forum but am desperate for help. I have a 99 ranger and the abs light is on speedo doesn't work o/d light flashes and it shifts hard. I have already replaced the speed sensor on the rear end twice thinking maybe the first one was bad. I've checked all the wires and...
  5. 99 Ranger speed sensor?

    I recently begin having shifting/speedometer issues with my 99 ford ranger..I replaced the speed sensor on the rear axle and for a while it seemed to do fine and then it ceased to work again, also..my windshield wipers will not work from time to time..is there anything i can do with the rear...

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