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  1. ranger frame dimensions

    I need to find the frame dimensions for a 1983 ford ranger ext cab. I need the factory diagrams. Any help would be great
  2. 1985 2.3L Compression check

    The sticky thread at the beginning of this forum does not provide the nominal compression for this engine. Just tested mine with the following results Dry Test Cyl = PSI 1=165 2=160 3=158 4=175 Wet Test Cyl = PSI 1=260 2=270 3=265 4=250 I need some specs to tell me if these are in range...
  3. Torque Spec on Driveshaft Bolts

    Hey guys I was replacing my slave cylinder and clutch and I'm now putting the drive shaft back on. What is the torque specs on the drive shaft bolts, where the drive shaft meets the rear differential? The truck is a 1993 ranger xlt with the 2.3l 5 speed Thanks!
  4. 5.0 ring gap

    i guess i can put this post here? so im currently rebuilding a motor i got out of a 97 explorer to put in my ranger im having some issues with the ring gap. i got the rings from advance auto parts... the readings i was getting were crazy like .026 .022 so i took the set back and got a new one...
  5. 5.0 specs?

    I just recently put a 5.0L H.0. From a 91' Mustang in my Ranger. Previously I had a 5.0L V8 from a 91' F150. I believe the H.O. Has more power. Was just wondering if anyone can tell me why and what the upgrades are that provide that additional power?