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spark plug issue

  1. Ok somewhat dumb: changing #3 spark plug

    Hello! This is going to seem dumb but that #3 spark plug near the computer and air conditioning on the passenger side near the firewall, how do you get that spark plug out?? The point is that cooling system in the way! (yes I know about socket wrenches especially the 5/8in needed for spark...
  2. 2006 f150 5.4l triton help!

    Just bought an 06 F150 Triton 5.4. 172K, 4x4, 2 inch leveling kit, supercab XLT. I had a miss so I changed plugs and 1 coil pack and threw a K&N filter in it. Noticed as I was doing so, someone had changed a coil previously so there are 6 original and 2 aftermarket. I used the new style...

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