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  1. 2007 ranger snorkel kit

    Hi everyone I’m new to TRS and am curious about a snorkel kit for these trucks. I’ve seen people do diy ones for cheap so I was gonna develop 3d printed kit for my 07 and I’m wondering if it would be of any help to the community. If the need was there I could sell a kit for real cheap or I...
  2. Snorkel for 94 4.0 ranger xlt

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew what I do with the other hoses coming off of the intake port connect to the front of the body. I was just thinking of sealing off the air box then just have pvp run off the box out the side pannel and up the panger side door, but i didnt want to screw...
  3. That's right another guy with 4.0L swap questions

    Hey I have an 88 with the 2.9, I like it but I'm used to the 300 4.9L straight 6 in an F-250, so I was thinking about the swap to the 4.0L and swapping in the tranny too (or one with larger gearing, have absolutely no clue if that'd work) k so my question is about the 4.0L does it have any known...

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