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  1. M50D-R1 slip yoke (output shaft) solution

    Ford still sells the larger slip yoke: F6ZZ4841BA The old slip yoke has been discontinued: E8TZ4841F To make the new slip yoke work, you need a conversion or "bastard" u-joint. I used the Moog 353 u joint. This allows you to retain the factory style slip yoke with the large dampener. FYI I...
  2. Aluminum Drive Shaft Slip Joint Issue

    https://youtu.be/xSGPpqjKer0 I recorded a video above so you can see what I am talking about. I want to know if anyone has a picture of the inside of the slip joint. I am afraid that if I take this apart to investigate that it won't go back together. I am not prepared to drop some $$ to...
  3. Dana 35 Twin I Beam upgrade?

    Howdy all, I'm about to start tearing into my front end and fix some long over looked issues. The biggest thing I'm running into is, the slip yoke on the passenger side axle. Is there a place/site that sells them new? Maybe a stronger one? The previous own I think didn't own a grease gun so its...
  4. Driveshaft Swap?

    I recently swapped my 5R5EE Automatic Transmission, to a MR5OD Manual Transmission. Do I need a different slip-yoke on my driveshaft, or can I use my stock one?

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