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  1. 2003 Ranger drive shaft broke in half!

    Hi guys, New member here; first of all thanks in advance for taking a look at this. Here's the short of it: I've a 2003 Ranger, 4x4, SuperCab, V6, EDGE package that I bought ~4 years ago. No big issues so far until coming from dinner this wknd the rear shaft drive broke in half (seemingly) with...
  2. B2 Drive Shaft LENGTH?? and... CV Vs UNIVERSAL JOINT ????

    okay so i have a stock suspension on my 1989 B2 fm 146 trans and orig elect shift trans case the 89 originally came with a CV style rear the original has since blown and been replaced with a professionally rebuilt unit and it just failed. this one lasted me a yr. so i hate the CV STYLE!!! SO i...
  3. idriveafordranger94

    Rocker Shaft Direction Issues

    Hey guys, just getting ready to put my Ranger back together after a top end rebuild which has seemed to drag on for entirely way too long. I removed the rocker rail, or shaft (that the rocker arms sit on) and put them in order in a box. However, while moving stuff around in the garage, I mixed...
  4. Rear drive shaft boot

    My rear drive shaft boot is torn the Ford dealership down the road can't sell me the individual boot alone. They gotta sell it to me with a whole new drive shaft! Are there any tricks to seal up a torn boot? The tear is not huge. There's gotta be something that can take the flex and accordion...

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