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  1. Need Fast Advice - '06 Ranger Sport - 3.0L V6

    AD: https://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/2006-Ranger-Sport_35575955 MY PICS: Looking at a 2006 Ford Ranger sport 3.0L V6 in Canada. There is one young fellow looking at it "before me", and one person "after me". So if the young guy passes, he would like my offer tonight, as the buyer...
  2. brwntom

    hangers and shackles

    i will be doing leaf spring hanger and shackle replacement on saturday. any advice would be appreciated. this is the first time I will ever be taking the bed off. is there anything else I should do or be looking for while under there? I bought all of the parts from autozone today and would like...

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