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sending unit

  1. OldMan89

    Can’t figure out my fuel guage

    My truck has a brand new in tank sending unit but my fuel guage doesn’t really work…some times I’ll start it up and BOOM it jumps right up but after about 3 minutes it has slowly made its way back down to empty. Not times it just downst move. I’ve checked connections and fuses but I am coming up...
  2. Fuel Sending Unit

    Good Evening: I need a fuel sending unit for my '83 Ranger, 2.8 V6, 17 gallon tank. I've searched LMC, RockAuto, Amazon, eBay, various other sites and cannot find anything OEM. Does anyone know where I can order one? And if not OEM, what can take its place? Thanks in advance! Chris
  3. fuel guage not reading correctly

    I changed out the fuel pump and sending unit on my 93 ranger. when the gauge reaches 1/4 of a tank the truck will sputter and die, almost as if the gauge is correct but the fuel pump does not sit low enough in the tank. has anyone else had this issue??
  4. Sender/Slosh Module/Fuel Gauge

    Hopefully someone has had this problem. It started when the fuel pump stopped working. Replaced it. Now the fuel gauge is all wacky. Empty is just above 1/4 and full is around 3/4. Previously it had been fine. Also just driving around it will vary approx distance of 1/4 tank (on gauge). I'm...
  5. What is this cable for?

    Hi there, I've been reading this forum for a while now and it has been really useful thank you all for your help with my toy BII 1990 Manual 2WD. Yesterday during the oil change I noticed this disconnected cable just besides the oil level sending unit, do you have an idea what can it be for...
  6. 1990 Ranger Fuel Gauge Not Working

    I have a 1990 Ranger the fuel gauge shows empty, I replaced the sending unit, went to a junk yard and bought another entire cluster swapped them out, still does not work, I also swapped the anti slosh sensor out, and I have checked the wiring it appears to have a complete circuit in the...

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