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  1. Issues with Cv Axles 2002 Mazda B4000/Ranger

    I recently rebuilt the front suspension of my 2002 Mazda B4000/Ranger. I installed rebuilt Cardone CV axles but even with new seals on the Dana 35 SLA they are leaking -- I suspect maybe ground down sealing surface too much or bad splines?? The OEM Ford or Mazda Axles are NLA and everthing else...
  2. Pinion Seal - Need help ASAP

    Hey guys, I have to get this truck done today, and don't know what is going on. I'm installing a new pinion seal and I can't get the flange to pull flush. I have it on as tight as I could hand tighten it, and quickly hit it w/ an impact (not much cause I didn't think I should have to yet) and...
  3. Ranger with Very bad tranny leak when hot? Looking for help/advice.

    Hi, my name is Tyler and I'm new to The Ranger Station forums. Im going to try to be as detailed as possible so hopefully someone could maybe help me pinpoint the exact problem I am having. I got the 1994 Ford Ranger XLT from a friend. It sat for 7 years in the same spot and When I first tried...

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