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  1. Turbo Tuning

    Is anyone using an SCT tuner? I have a fuel issue at low load. seems to be lean. I am still learning how to tune. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. SCT tuner for 5.0 mountaineer computer

    My 03 5.0 ranger is running using an early 97 Mercury mountaineer computer. Pretty much the same as the early 97 explorer computer. I would post somewhere else if I knew where to go but my questions are: 1. Which SCT tuner should a buy to use on this setup 2. If I buy a used one that's unmarried...
  3. 03 ranger M122 swap tuning

    My ranger is an 03 with 97 Mercury mountaineer 5.0 (GT-40) and it's still obd2 and fuel injected so my question is, if I bought an SCT tuner could I send them a list of things I'll be adding along with the blower like throttle body, injectors to get a custom supercharger tune or would I still...

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