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  1. Dana 30 SAS

    Hello, I'm starting to do an axle swap on my 88 Bronco II with a dana 30 out of a jeep cherokee. I'm posting to get some advice on the best way to tackle this and maybe a list of what parts I'm going to need to be able to make it a mostly bolt on job.
  2. Front output yoke on BW1354 (98 - tulip)

    Fellas, I am building a 98 Ranger short box reg cab for some weekend fun. I am doing a solid axle swap and currently, I am in search of a front output yoke/shaft option. I’ve tried to search without much luck. Does Neapco still make the front fixed yoke adapter that bolts up to the stock...
  3. 83 ranger with Dana 30 help with bushings

    Hey everyone! I’ve got an 83 ranger that’s had a SAS with a Dana 30. The fella I got it from didn’t know too much about it, but I believe the front axle to be from 98 Grand Cherokee and the rear axle to be from a mid-nineties f150. It’s just a woods buggy but it makes finding parts difficult not...
  4. Solid axle swap 2002

    Hey all! First time poster, long time lurker. Here’s my situation, I have torsion bar suspension and I’m looking at a HP D-30 from a Cherokee with 1 ton steering and comes with stock coil springs. I’m not getting a D-44 or 60 as I’m set on a 30, whether it be leafs or coils. My main questions...
  5. P93suafilo

    Need some Ring and Pinion brand Advice!

    I have been collecting parts for a SAS the last year. My original plan was to SAS my EX this spring and wheel all summer but with some family stuff prior to COVID-19 my wife and I decided to hold off until we can purchase another vehicle, hopefully soon. But in the mean time I want to get...
  6. ReliableRed's 97, 2wd, 2.3, 5 speed, SAS Build

    Here's my crack at a build thread, starting out with a little bit about me, I'm 19, coming from the vw scene which I am still in, bought my 1997 2.3 5 speed 2wd red single cab flareside ranger because I needed a daily to commute to my auto technical college being that my vw was a little too...
  7. Hi, my name is...

    Hey guys, finally just joined. Have lurked here for some time. My reason for joining today is to find some info on an idea of mine. I haven't seen anyone do this before on any of the forums, but I know I can't be the first to think of/ attempt to do this. I want to put Dana 44s from a half ton...
  8. Dana 30 SAS 83 ranger track bar bracket help!

    Hey everyone! So I’ve got an 83 ranger, recently bought. The owner previous to me did an axel swap with the Dana 30 off a 97 Jeep. The track bar bracket is not welded square to the frame and is sitting quite off center, as I found out when I took it in for an alignment. The old guy I...
  9. Dana 44 swap 93 ranger *urgent*

    I have a eb d44 I am planning on swapping into my 2wd ranger, now couple of urgent questions seeing as I'll be starting the swap next weekend 1) I read somewhere if you use stock coil buckets with eb loft coils it increases the lift by around 2-3"s? Is this correct? 2) I have the "Y" style...
  10. Questions about SAS

    Ok so I'm planning to do an SAS on my 2001 b3000. I want to get a set of d60 full size axles. I want to get 6 inches of lift from the leaf springs and 4-6 inches from leaf spring hangers. What kind of springs and hangers should I get? I know most of what I need to do for it but any tips would be...
  11. 2.3L 4cyl Transmission 4x4 5speed

    I have a 97 2.3L 5 speed 2wd and I am putting a sa and converting it to 4x4 I know it's easier to buy a new truck but I have time and money. My question is. Is it possible to use a 5 speed 4x4 transmision from an older ranger that is from a 4cyl?
  12. Bronco 2 sas

    I want to do a 4bt bronco 2. I know that this engin ways up to 800 lbs not including the extras and transmission. What are the best axels to swap to handle the weight and what extras will I need to buy for the swap and what would I need to fabricate. Also would I need to box in the frame to...
  13. josuegdl

    Greetings from Mexico!!! 88 SAS.

    Here´s my truck what do you think?
  14. josuegdl

    SAS 88 flatbed finally finish!!!!

    OK, It's a Long Story, I'm not a good writer so Please be patient. My truck is a 88 xlt single cab with a long bed, at least IT was some time ago. She has been in the family for more than 15 years, she started on my father 's farm and work there 12 years. When my father sold the farm I stay with...
  15. 1988 Ford Ranger

    I've had this truck since I was 15. Along the years it's seen some abuse and lots of trails. I've done so much to it and for the last 2 years it's been sitting while I've slowly worked on it. Did a small block 302 swap, SAS currently finishing. Hope everyone likes the post and pictures
  16. 93 ranger sas steering issue

    I recently got my ranger and it already has a d30 from an xj they have removed all the coil components and installed leafs. the steering is loose (the truck wanders) the tie rod and steering arm look like the Cherokee however the steering shock does not fit its tied on with a hose clamp. maybe...
  17. 98 ranger sas using f350 axels

    i was wondering if anyone had any links for tutorials for doing an sas using f350 axles?
  18. 982WDRanger

    Best Axle Swap

    What is the best SAS set up? All opinions are appreciated. Dana 30: Dana 44: Dana 60: Rockwell: What suspension type as well? Coils: Leafs: 4-Link:
  19. 982WDRanger

    My Dana 30 SAS

    My truck back in 2008. [/IMG] This is my first big project since my motor swap back in September 2011. Had a 2.5L went to a built and bored 4.0L. I will be starting a Dana 30 SAS and an 8.8 swap. Doing the whole nine yards, suspension, brakes, wheels and tires, steering....all new and hd...
  20. Fabricator

    sas d30 Fabrication

    hey all i got a jeep Dana 30 out of a 96 grand Cherokee i want to convert from coil spring to a leaf spring axle. i am trying to make my ranger work the same way as the front suspension does on my 97 f250 with the Dana 60 swap. I got a majority of it planned out in my head but and i know its a...

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