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rough running

  1. 2000 3.0l Engine Replacement Running Rough and No Power

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. So I bought a 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0l automatic XLT 4x4 Flex Fuel 8th digit: V with 156k miles with a seized engine (cam synchronizer failed). It has been sitting for about a year and pack rats had chewed up the wiring harness a bit. I found a 3.0l engine out of a 99...
  2. 1990 bronco II acceleration problem.

    I have a 1990 bronco II, that is mis-behaving.... the problem is that... it seemed to be running fine til I put a can of 'sea-foam' into the fuel tank to clean things out (fuel line and injectors). Now it will run fine for awhile, but then it starts sputtering, bucking and dogging when you...
  3. Misfire 2.9

    I have a 1988 bronco 2 and it is running really weird, it idles not to bad in park but there is still a misfire but as soon as I put it into drive it bogs down doesn't like to go it sputters when I press on the gas and if I stop at a stop sign or street light it dies. I took it to a shop and...
  4. 84bluebronco2

    CEL Code Help

    94 Explorer XLT, 4.0, M5OD, BW1354M Got around to pulling my codes today. Truck runs, but choppy under hard throttle (3k area and higher), and smells incredibly rich. KOEO: 337 - EGR position sensor above max voltage Continuous Memory: 181 - Adaptive fuel limit reached part throttle right...

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