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rough idle and running

  1. Rough 2.9l

    I picked up a 1990 XLT with 4x4 that had been sitting outside for about 4 years not running. Gone through and replaced gas, fuel pump, filter, oil, plugs, injectors, IAC and MAP.... Still idling at around 1200 and kind of bogs a bit on 1st gear and barely gets enough power in 4th and 5th.. Not...
  2. kwheat4136

    Emissions system problem?!??

    I recently bought 2000 Ranger XLT 2.5L 4 CYL 5 speed manual. 145700 miles. Runs great most of the time. I've discovered that when it is idling at startup (the usual higher RPM), if I quickly rev it to bring the idle down it becomes very rough running (almost like it's too rich) and won't stay...
  3. Misfire 2.9

    I have a 1988 bronco 2 and it is running really weird, it idles not to bad in park but there is still a misfire but as soon as I put it into drive it bogs down doesn't like to go it sputters when I press on the gas and if I stop at a stop sign or street light it dies. I took it to a shop and...

    New member to this site but I've been using it since I was 15. Finally got smart and became a member...11 Rangers later. I just picked up a 99 Ranger XLT 2.5L auto 2wd with 158k miles. Bought it running REALLY ROUGH and drove it over an hour back home. Seems like it's running on 2 cyl's. Can't...
  5. 94 4.0l runs rough and dies when hot

    I have a 1994 ranger 4.0l 4x4 stx So one day I was out on the trail and my truck was running fine, shut it down, and it wouldn't start. The fuel pump was going bad so I was expecting this to happen anyways Buy this is when my problems start. I replace the pump and filter and the truck is running...
  6. little to no spark on cylendar 6

    the truck runs rough when started i pulled the wire off #6 and there was little spark. i pulled #5 and it was arching off everything. i have replaced coil wires and checked all grounds and still no luck:bawling:
  7. Spark plug problems

    Help! I have an on going problem with my 2000 Ford Ranger 4.0 ltr, V6. Usually the number 4 cylinder needs replacing due to a cracked porcelain base. The last time it had a lot of oil around it. Now the codes PO174, P1151, PO306, and Cat fault are coming up. The engine light remains on...

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