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  1. 2010 xl reg cab 4 cyl 2wd front rotors

    Hi, I picked up this low mileage ranger a month ago and have been going thru the basic maint. It's had brake shudder since the day I got it. I'm finally at replacing the rotors and pads. I've been on YouTube looking at how to's. I notice some ranger rotors have the wheel lugs and hubs as part...
  2. 96 Rotor Removal

    96 Ranger Super Cab 3.0 I'm pretty sure I have a Dana 28 in a 35 Carrier. I'm trying to replace the wheel bearings. It appers to me that the caliper mounting plate (anchor plate) must come off to remove the rotor. First off, is this true? Assuming it is, I have not been able to break the bolts...
  3. New front brakes are screeching HELP!!!

    alright so i installed new front pads and rotors. took my time, kept my hands off of the contact surfaces, greased everything and used quality parts. i finished the install and tested the brakes. they worked great. then after about 10 miles the screech began. i narrowed the noise down to the...
  4. 97 Ranger 4wd Rotors?

    Hey Guys & Gals, My 97 ranger 4wd w/ manual locking hubs...front rotors are beyond WARPED! I am under the impression that to replace the rotors you have to take the whole hub apart because of the Manual locking hubs? If thats the case how hard is it to do?
  5. abs not working after rotor replacement

    hi guys well i just did a brake job on my 96 b4000 4x4, that went good, while doing the brakes i also replace the rotors,drums,rear brake cylinders and the ujoint on the drive axel front pass.. side. here is the issue abs light comes on as soon as i start the vehicle and stays on. also after...
  6. Compatible 98 4x4 ranger rotors.

    I have to replace the rotors on my 98 ranger and will have to do it with used parts. Im going to get them at the local pick your part but know that the 4x4 ranger selection there is extremely limited. What other models and or yrs are compatible to my 98 4x4? Thank you very much for your help.