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  1. IceBergeRanger12

    Rocker ratio question.

    Hello all, Was looking into replacing the rockers and pushrods on my 92 OHV 4.0 while I do the valve cover gaskets. To get rid of this pesky noise that seems to be common on these engines due to poor oil circulation to the rockers. Looking up different kits on autozone, I found a couple from...
  2. 03 edge with 5.0 Auto to manual T-5 swap

    Hi, I've posted a a couple times through this build to get some help getting it running. I have an 03 Edge with 97 5.0 from mountaineer. I have the auto in and it runs fine but I've always wanted a 302 ranger but always planned on a T5. Since my truck was already auto I went the easy route but I...
  3. mobile madness

    tech questions

    It feel like I'm posting all the time. Hopefully I'm not annoying anyone. Ok so I drive a lot of the cars that come through our shop. None of them give me the seat of your pants feel like my 4.0ohv. Why is this? My engine has 209k on it and its the first 4.0 ford had. I can do burnouts and...

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