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  1. Can’t Figure This Out

    Feel like a noob for not knowing what this is but I can’t find any information online. Check the photo attached, some type of small shock but I do not know what it is or where to get replacements. I just replaced the shocks and coils with a 2” lift on my 1994 Ranger but I would like to replace...
  2. neutronranger

    2001 Ranger key very worn - replacement?

    I've done a little searching on the General forum and didn't find any posts with the answer... How do you get a replacement key when your original keys are badly worn? Do I have to go to a Ford dealer and pay a lot of $$? Or is there a 3rd party that can create the key from the VIN number or...
  3. CliffDog

    Engine interchangability?

    Hey everyone, I have a 2003 Ranger with the 4.0L SOHC V6 that died. I know replacing with same year engine is best, but if I couldn't find an engine in the same year, which later (2004 up) engines are compatible with a swap? Would a newer, 2011 engine be a direct bolt-in swap, or what factors...
  4. The_Epsicle

    VIN# plate missing?

    I drive 1994 Ford Ranger that I bought with cash as is where is in a gas station parking lot 30 miles from my home I looked it over enough to decide it was a piece of junk that was going to need a lot of work and in that "thorough" inspection I forgot one key part, I noticed while inspecting a...
  5. Cam sensor malfunction after gasket replacement

    2004 ford range 2.3l dual cam first of all **** the 2.3l dual cam 4 engine, every bolt is in a ****ed up location this engine sucks to work on. But here is my problem i have no clue wtf is going on my old gasket was warped so it was leaking oil into my spark plugs(or that was my best guess)...
  6. Crank position sensor replacement, pointers?

    So I'm going to replace my crank sensor on my 1994 california spec ranger 2.3l. it seems that this can be difficult. can anyone give me a walkthrough on this?
  7. which ball joint do I get?

    I have a 93 ranger, 4x4, xlt and I need to replace lower passenger side ball joint. however I have a dana 28/35 hybrid front axle. I dont know wether I need to get a ball joint for dana 35 or 28.
  8. looking for a diesel engine for a 99 ranger

    I have a 1999 ford ranger with a 2.5 l diesel engine and I want to replace it with another diesel engine anyone know any websites i can find the right engine for it because i dont know which engine i can use to replace this one or give me the model engine i should be looking for?
  9. 2.3L Catalytic Converter Gasket

    This is my first post, so if i put this in the wrong place, my bad. (:icon_confused:) MY exhaust is leaking and sounds like an airplane going down the road. I have located the leak to be the front-most gasket on the catalytic converter. My Chilton book doesn't enlighten on if there is anything...
  10. Dirmaid

    Steering wheel swap

    Hey guys, I have yet another obscure question that probably will never get answered. The steering wheel in my 01 Ranger is pretty much falling apart. I was looking at replacing it, but figured while I was there lets try and upgrade it. I was thinking about swapping in an 05-09 mustang wheel or...
  11. Rotagotideas

    A4LD removal & replace

    Ok so here is a transmission pull out and replace thread. I had an A4LD that went bad; it wouldn't hold OD after driving for 40km. I couldn't find any affordable M5OD-R1's so I looked for another A4LD. Turns out a TRS forum member in the USA had one he was looking to get rid of, $150 later...
  12. 08 sohc 4.0 in a 03?

    I just got a great deal on an 03 4x4 edge with a thrown rod. I may have found a great deal on an 08 sohc and just wondering if all sohc's 01-present are interchangeable. If that falls through I'm probably going to pull-a-part and getting a 99ish xploder sohc and redoing the chains and...

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