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  1. 96 Ford ranger 2.3L 4 cylinder acceleration hesitation

    Hello, My 96 ford ranger has been in the shop for about a week now and they still can't find the reason behind it having acceleration hesitation issues.When I first took the truck to the shop they called me back within 6 hours saying that the pcm was faulty. so I had them replace it and I picked...
  2. Got the transmission out, now what

    I got the transmission pulled out :yahoo: (thank you adsm08) Now I need to know what the next step is. I pulled it out because the transmission was stuck in gear. So now where do I start digging into it, anybody have pictures of what it is supposed to look like when I start removing parts? I...
  3. dieselarruda

    i need help fixing my 1988 ford ranger xlt 2.9L 6v

    it just cranks but wont run :( i have to coils one makes it misfire and the other on make it just crank. cant any one help. starter is good, fuel pump is good alternator is bad. it has a new ignition control module in it and i have two coils and i hope their not both bad and i changed all the...

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