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repair advice

  1. Dana 35 housing broken?

    Hey y'all, I picked up a Dana 35 TTB setup to upgrade my 86 ranger's stock Dana 28. I started blowing it apart, and in the process found out that a cast ear on the differential housing was broken, and fell off when I pulled the pumpkin out of the beam. I'll attach some pictures here so y'all...
  2. Coolant Loss

    I noticed coolant escaping through my radiator cap recently. I was told it could be my head gasket or a bad radiator cap. It has 214k miles and the last engine overhaul was done at around 195k miles which included a complete gasket exchange, head resurfacing, and tune up. Since then, I have...
  3. First Ranger/ is it worth it?

    Hi, I found a ranger on craigslist, and with the pictures it is looking decent. In this craigslist ad https://gainesville.craigslist.org/cto/5742481942.html the owner mentions a cracked transfer case. With it being a 4x4 auto would it be something that I can do in the garage with only a few...

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