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  1. Bolt Spinning Free -- Bed Removal, 1991 Ranger

    Hey all, on my 1991 XLT Supercab Ranger, started it a week ago and it was spitting gas below, near the gas tank / fuel pump I guess, it was pretty messy underneath with just the ignition on, not even running, so I shut it down. Jacked onto stands now. Going to replace whatever I can get to...
  2. troubles with my body lift.

    I have a 1999 ford ranger with a 4" suspension lift and a 3" body lift. It is sitting on 33" toyo open countrys. lately i have been getting tired of leaning so much whenever i take turns. Also im getting a bunch of shit from my buds because of it :bawling: . I figure if i take my 3" body lift...
  3. Efi intake manifold removal?

    So there is a small bolt that requires a torx bit in the center of the manifold on my 5.0L 302 and I have no idea what size it is or what I need to get to it? Any advice??? Thanks
  4. How do you remove the dash?

    I just pulled the wires from the doors of a ranger with power windows and everything to put into mine and I have the connector under my kick panel but mine is dead basic so it only has 4 of 18 wires in it and for me it would be easier just to swap out the harness from my truck for the one with...

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