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rebuilt cylinder head

  1. Devvonc94

    Iso 2.3l i4 head

    Hello everyone I have a 1994 Ford ranger 2.3 with the i4. Everywhere here in new Mexico is telling me the only cylinder heads they have for this truck are cracked. The head I removed from my truck is cracked as well and I'd like to get my truck on the road. Does anyone have a spare 2.3l head...
  2. Whos the best source for rebuilt heads?

    I'm the new owner of an old 2001 B3000 DS with an ailing 3.0 V-5. It was a V-6 at one time but the clown that sold it to me must have loaded it with some kind of fix-a-liquid to hide the blown head gasket and sold it to me. B]Can any of you long time wrenches recommend a high quality...

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