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  1. Odd rattle. Chain guides or something else?

    2004 Ford ranger 4.0 5 speed 4x4. 178k miles. All stock components. Just picked up this truck, has a odd condition rattle noise. It only rattles when revving down from above 2600, doesn't rattle on cold start. Doesn't rattle on idol. Rev less than 2600 and it won't rattle but when revved up...
  2. sauceman

    Driver side door rattles excessively 1992 XLT

    Hey Guys. The driver side door on my 1992 ford ranger has started to rattle quite a bit. It's as if it is not latched tightly anymore. What do you recommend I do to fix this?
  3. Spark knock problem, tried the obvious, next steps?

    Hello all, I have a '02 Ranger with an annoying pinging issue. The plug wires and plugs were recently replaced, there is no EGR valve or knock sensor to check, I've tried running every injector cleaner in existence and running higher octane fuel does not help. Now going forward should I start...
  4. mightysonofa

    84 bronco II 2.8 rattle noise lower engine

    I have a 84 b2 2.8L with 119,000 0n it . out of the blue it started to make a strange rattle noise heard either at cold start and then after warm up at idle , it sounds like very loose lifters it does not hesitate or lack power nor does it have a miss ,I have always changed the oil and other...
  5. gdlegion

    2.5 Lima rattle - no load + above 1900rpm

    This is my first thread, sorry for the long post. I hope you experienced guys can help me figure this doozy out. One night after doing 90 down the CA-78 in 5th gear OD, a strange tick developed on my truck. :huh: It's like a ticking-rattle sound that occurs under no accel/no load conditions...
  6. Danger.

    4.0 valve train

    Hey guys, i just joined here hopefully you can help me out I have a 93 ranger and i did my research and know they have lube issues in the top end, it all started in the winter it would make a quick 7 or 8 taps then it would be gone now my ranger makes a ungodly rattle when i am at high way speed...
  7. Tranny rattling while idling..

    Hello. everyone.. I have a 1995 XL 2.3 5-speed.. When it's idling, it rattles from near the bellhousing. It only rattles at idle speeds and when the clutch pedal is out. If i have it idling, then push the clutch in, it stops rattiling. Also, the pedal doesn't go all the way up. It feels...
  8. Rear Axle Question

    I just bought a used 2001 Ranger Edge 4x4. It has the 8.8" L/S 4.10 rear diff. It rides great, no noise at all on pavement. But while taking it on bumpy backroads I noticed a rattling sound coming from the rear of the truck. I have looked but can find no obvious sorce of the rattle. The...

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