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ranger 3.0

  1. 98 Ranger Spark Plugs (confused)

    I'm needing to change plugs on a newly purchase 98 3.0 Ranger. After looking through spark plug threads, I'm deciding to stick with Motorcraft. Problem is, I'm getting different Motorcraft plug numbers depending on where I check. A couple of spots reference AWSF32PP as the OEM plug. This...
  2. PineappleRanger503

    Overheating, replaced radiator and thermostat. Please help!!!

    Hello everyone, My truck is overheating and I am having some difficulty trying to pinpoint the problem. Hoping I can get some help and ideas on what may be the problem and/or what I may be doing wrong or incorrectly. I had a pretty noticeable cracked radiator which I have replaced with a brand...
  3. F-150 5.0 Conversion?

    I'm sure this has probably been covered or at least something very similar has been covered especially since we're talking about a 5.0. I have access to a 1994 F-150 XLT RWD with a 5.0 V8 that I wanted to put into my 2000 Ranger XLT 4WD with the 3.0 BUT I want to keep the factory 4WD that the...
  4. cb12991

    3.0 Engine Swap Info

    Hello fellow ranger enthusiasts! I am currently in the middle of an engine swap in my 98 XLT 3.0. I had bad scoring on the cylinder block walls so decided to buy another 3.0 and replace it. The engine that I bought was from a 01 Taurus 3.0. I know I have to replace the head gaskets, manifolds...

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