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ranger 2.9 ford 4x4

  1. steelhorse9859

    Poor Idle HELP!

    Hello, This is my first post and am really looking to get some help I apologize if this isn't the right place. I have been having an issue getting my 88 Bronco ii 5 Speed Manual to idle where it is supposed to. What happens is that when the engine is cold started the engine RPM will sit at...
  2. 91 ranger no start when warm

    so i have had no avail to this truck its been one thing after another first the whole thing dies then after new eec it started running fine till the other day when i went to fill up and i go to start it and nothing. i get off work and go back to it and it starts fine but only when the motor is...
  3. Need help. Cant figure this one out

    Ive been having problems with my 87 ranger 2.9 since i bought it. Fixed some issues but i cant seem to figure out a cold start issue im having and the fluxuating idle when the headlights are on at night. At cold start it will idle high for 2-3 seconds and then it will immediately die down to...
  4. FM146 transmission rebuild

    Has anyone ever rebuilt a FM146 tranny? If you have I need to know everything. Any manual or repair guide for this transmission? Do I need any special tools? How long will it take? Any expertise will help greatly.
  5. Rattling Noise/ Tranny Rebuild

    I have a 92 Ford Ranger with a FM146 Tranny. I am hearing this rattling noise when hit the gas. I barely hear it in 1st and 2nd gear. I hear it a little more in 3rd and then the noise gets louder and worse in 4th and 5th gear. It sounds like a rattling/ bearing not properly lubed right or...
  6. Recommendations on keeping my fm-145 w/ a 5.0 swap

    I am getting back into my ranger and I need to know if the fm-145 thats in it will hold up over time with a 5.0 infront of it? Thanks,:dunno:
  7. Ranger won't start and won't turn over

    I have a 1986 ford ranger I just bought. The guy I bought it from took his battery out I went and bought a new one and put it in. I went to start it and nothing no lights no sounds nothing.:annoyed: I have tried cleaning the battery posts and connections still nothing. If y'all have any other...
  8. 1989 ranger xlt bad tick almost knock at 3k rpm

    i have a 1989 ranger with a 2.9 and 5 speed owned it 5 years always ticked but now when i get on it around 3k rpm it get worse and almost sounds like a knock will do it when i downshift as well truck has 160k on it think its cam bearings. would it be easier to pull the heads off and replace the...
  9. Help Me Find A Good Exhaust ? Please?

    I Was Wondering If Anyone Could Chime In With Some Suggestions For A New Exhaust System For My 88 Ranger 2.9L A Good Combination Of Deep Sound And Performance Would Be Very Nice. Thanks For Taking Your Time To Look. Hope You Can Help :yahoo:
  10. kurama49

    Transmission doesent like to shift

    Hi, i have just bought another 90 ranger. It's solid, but the transmission, you need to feel for the gears kind of [automatic] it will stay in first, then you need to put the transmiission into the 2nd gear slot and it will shift, then back into drive and it will go into 3rd. it also likes to...

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