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ranger 2.3 ford 4x4

  1. 85 2.3T swap

    hello everyone. finally after a year of searching ive found a 88 turbo coupe and was able to purchase it as a donor for my 85 EFI 2.3 ranger. being a broke college student I cant afford to make the ranger quite the vehicle that I want it to be. so for now im just going to run the stock psi on...
  2. 1984 ford ranger 4.0l swap

    Does anyone know what has to be done to fit in a 4.0l v6 into a 1984 ranger. It has the 2.8l v6 but it needs more power and good gas mileage as this is my commuter truck.
  3. 1983 Ranger XLT 4x4

    Deciding whether or not to buy ($500) It seems like going the v8 route will require about $15-20k worth of investment. This '83 Ranger is in fantastic shape, aside from not starting. What would be my options for preserving the current drive train but achieving a tolerable amount of power...
  4. '92 XLT in DC

    Hi there, Very excited about finally picking up my first Ranger tonight, a '92 XLT 4-cylinder with the R1 transmission. 165,000 miles, 2-owner truck with new clutch and tires. Almost completely bone stock, other than a Leer bedcap and kooky carpet job in the bed. California truck with Wisconsin...
  5. ClodSlayer

    My Ranger and a puddle

    Hey guys! It's been a while since my build thread kindof fizzed out (my fault, I ran out of time and money), but I've managed to get the Ranger runnigng, road worthy, and more importantly, trail worthy! It's still a work in progress, but I just have to do little things now like hooking up the...

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