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  1. MountainMike

    Building a rally car. Opinions wanted.

    Alright crew here's the gist of it. I need opinions and thoughts. I've got a hold of a basically free, clean 1986 Chevette with a popped 1.6L. My plan is to turn it into a budget rally car to tackle the Dempster highway and run a few ice races up here. I have three possible powertrain options...
  2. compaqeo

    Amature Rally Car build (MK3 VW Golf)

    Have always been in love with Rally Racing, it is the most fun to watch of all motorsports in my opinion. So Working at Mazda i seen we had some wholesale cars on the lot and checked out this Golf, Liked it and got it for 200$. I think its the 1.8L 4cyl. (will find out for when i rebuild...
  3. 06RangerXLT

    Rally in a Ford Ranger

    Hey guys, so ive found my calling! ive decided that i want to build a rally truck instead of lowering it. i have a goal in mind which is something like this: http://image.automotive.com/f/features/9131915+pheader/0707or_01_z+1986_ford_ranger_prerunner+left_front_angle.jpg Ill be doing a...

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