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  1. Clutch switch not engaging and clutch not fully releasing

    Truck info: 1999, 3.0, 4x4, manual, 190k miles For a while now, my clutch pedal has been going to the floor and it's gotten increasingly more difficult to go between 1st and reverse. I was thinking that I would start with bleeding the system, removing the transmission, shooting myself, etc...
  2. spiralthomas

    #5 exhaust valve burnt maybe pushrod/lifter?

    94 4.0 150k miles manual trans no compression #5, other cyls. good(150 reading) seems to be burnt exh. valve... is it possible that a pushrod or lifter or both are the real culprit? like to ask before i order new heads. also, will a new top end blow out my rings as has been suggested by a shade...

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