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  1. neinnein_nein

    1984 Fuel tank and fuel sending unit replacement

    hey guys, I've been trying to fix a bad fuel sending unit on my 1984 2.0L 2wd. Got a 1986 in-tank pump assembly and I believe a 1983 and they are both different from my old one and both don't fit. I read somewhere that even if I could get it to fit physically the sending unit runs on a different...
  2. JayGeePee

    1997 Ford Ranger still over-heating

    Hey fellas, I'm sure this has been answered on this forum before but I cant find it on here. My truck just recently started over-heating and I've done some trouble shooting. So far I did my thermostat, radiator cap and fan clutch. I flushed the radiator also. That pretty much leaves my pump or...
  3. Mechanical or electric fuel pump?

    I had to redo the fuel lines in my 302 because the way I had done them was leaking. I have a carbureted motor and was trying to retain the stock in tank pump in my ranger which is a 40 psi pump. I was using a regulator but the pressure was too much and the regulator was leaking. I decided to...
  4. Power steering pulley

    In the V-8 conversion forum they give the parts number for the bracket resivour and pump for the power steering conversion but not the pulley. Will the pulley that came with the stock power steering unit on my 90 302 motor be the correct pulley? Thanks for your help!
  5. Fuel not priming!

    Howdy! First post here. So I have an 88 B2 and the fuel isnt priming. I hear the click from the tank so I presume the relay is good. But I don't have any priming. Is this just the fuel pump? and if so which one? A little background; a couple of days ago I headed to work and it started fine...
  6. Captain Ledd

    A new approach to bleeding your Power Steering system.

    I had meant to do a write-up on this for a while now (original thread was over a year ago) but never got around to it. Lately I had some PM's concerning this process so I decided it was time to put an actual how-to together. Difficulty: 1 out of 10 Time to install: Tubes and hoses - maybe 10...
  7. stevealvey24

    Fuel Pressure Regulator Problem?

    Here is a link to show you exactly what I'm talking about. Thanks for any info, this website and its members have helped me out a bunch. Thanks to all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz7A_Apv_zI :icon_confused:
  8. fuel pump wiring

    1989 ranger 5.0 swap, was orginally i just need to know what colors need to be hooked to power on the fuel pump in order for it to turn the pump on the colors that are there are black, pink with a black stripe, orange, and a yellow wire.
  9. 88 2.3 ranger wont stay running!! help

    My friends 88 2.3 used to not want to start after driving.(after operating temp) if you would let it sit later it would be fine, fire up and get you home. Then it decided it wouldnt run, i noticed the pump in the tank was not kicking on, so we replaced the relay, would not start. put a new pump...
  10. ranger hard start

    Ok hope someone here can give me some ideas. I picked up a 1990 ranger 4x4 with a 4.0 this thing starts hard and then it will idle good but when I put it in gear it will run good and then I go about a block and it starts to lose power and it chugs then dies then it is almost imposable to start...
  11. Power steering reservoir?

    Hey guys, I own a 1992 Ford Ranger with 3.0L V6 engine. Has anyone ever removed the power steering reservoir from the pump. How did you do this? I want to replace the O-rings. Can this even be done? Thanks!

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