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  1. Hard Manual Transmission Issues (91Ford Ranger)

    Hey everyone. Im having a hard shift problem in my 91 Ford Ranger. The previous owner told me the transmission and clutch have been replaced recently (well before I even bought the truck) but that doesn't mean anything to me. What does mean something to me is the fact that I'm occasionally...
  2. truck keeps dieing but ran fine earlier

    I drove my truck to school this morning it ran great as usual but on my way home it died unless I keep it at hi rpm I think it could have been the cat but I don't know please help me it's a 2.8l 1984 4x4
  3. 84 ranger headlight issue

    I have a 1984 ranger when I turn the lights on I have to use my high beams or the lights will not work. After a while of the lights being on the lo beams can work to but they only turn on about 15 minutes after the headlights are turned on. I thought it was the hi lo beam switch causing this but...
  4. Il Brutto

    Official 4R44E Problem Thread!

    I have seen a great deal of issues with the 4R44E transmission offered in a number of Rangers. I am on my second transmission in my truck and am in the process of working out a slight 2-3 flare. No solution as of yet but I am working on research. While conducting this research, I thought it...
  5. rawrrediffer86

    humming noise

    so I changed my brakes to disc & now when I hit 30-40 it hums real bad only when Im on the gas. I thought maybe u joints or barrings but what else could it be! please help!
  6. No power no exhaust!

    alright i just bout this 1990 ranger 4x4. plan on making it a mud/trail rig and DD. gotta lift for it on the way and new intake. but anyway, truck has no exhaust, use to be my friends and he cut it off at the manifold, so no cat or anything, so obviously no back pressure=no power. can i throw on...
  7. 2001 4.0 oil problems

    i have a 2001 ranger and a couple months ago i started my truck in the morning and the oil gauge was on low and check gauge light came on, a couple minutes later when the car warmed up a little, the gauge went to regular and check gauge light goes off. ive changed the oil every 3000 miles and...
  8. myagi

    AOD refuses to shift into 3rd

    Well. :annoyed: I'm trying my hardest to get my v8 powered B3000 shortbox project on the road. I've done most of the work myself including the install of a freshly rebuilt 289 out of a 65 Mustang and a used AOD transmission out of a 93 Mustang. I didn't bother rebuilding the tranny as I was...
  9. BishNasty

    Bronco II problem?

    Hey guys, I have stock a 87 bronco 2 5spd. The truck is making a weird clicking noise coming from the rear end but only upon acceleration and its pretty noticeable with the windows down. I think it might be the driveshaft? What do you guys think? Anything helps. o
  10. Fuel Management HELP!

    So I swapped in a 1988 HO out of a Mustang GT into my 1988 Ford Ranger. Had somebody else do the wiring because I don't know how to do that stuff all too well. Long story short it wont run past 150 degrees, smokes from being WAY too rich, and burned 5 gallons of fuel just from idling. I pulled...
  11. Rotagotideas

    light problem - gauge cluster only comes on in between day light and nights

    Ok so here's the problem guys, my instrument cluster only comes on when the switch is in between day running lights and night runners. -The taillights are not on but brakes, reverse, and signals all work. I already replaced the switch and it yielded no change. -All the fuses under the dash are...

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