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  1. Coolant Loss

    I noticed coolant escaping through my radiator cap recently. I was told it could be my head gasket or a bad radiator cap. It has 214k miles and the last engine overhaul was done at around 195k miles which included a complete gasket exchange, head resurfacing, and tune up. Since then, I have...
  2. Help buying a ranger

    I have been looking for a truck on craigslist for months, everytime I find what seems to be a good deal I either get no response or it falls through. Right now I am looking at an 88 ford ranger that is about 3 hours away from me. The truck looks to be in pretty good shape but the guy is asking...
  3. Dprocks100

    8.8 limited slip 3.73

    8.8 limited slip 3.73 price So I found a deal on a 8.8 limited slip 3.73 axle off of a 4wd 1994 ranger (the door code is R6) that the engine went out and he is now parting out. I have a 1991 2wd 2.3L ranger with an open 3.08 7.5 (door code 82). I know it will bolt right up to my truck and that...

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