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power window

  1. 1986 Ford Bronco II problems and solutions

    i have a 1986 ford bronco 2 xlt and just yesterday the power window system on the passenger side of the truck have stoped working. i can hear a clicking noise when i give it power, but it just does not want to roll up. Does anyone know what this could be?:shok::shok:
  2. power windows, wipers, radio not working

    i was putting in an aftermarket double din radio, got the wiring harness all wired up, hooked up, radio would not work, tried pluggin antena in and it had power, i was about to button it up when somehow my power wires came undone, the wire coming from the truck headed into the radio touched the...
  3. Window track issues

    Got a 94 Ranger, driver's side window wants to get cocked in the track about 1-1/2" from all the way up. Window tilts out at he top rear, front tilts down a little and it wont got all the way up. Started doing that this spring when driving on the highway in a head wind, seems to push it out...

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