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poor idle

  1. frankgeno

    Surging Idle. HELP PLEASE

    Hello. I have a 1992 Ford Ranger 4WD Automatic transmission. 2.9 L V-6 engine. 103,000 miles I live in southern Alberta and this is a Canada-built truck I have had this truck for about 18 months and put about 22,000 miles on it. has been running fine until about a month ago. It USED TO...
  2. steelhorse9859

    Poor Idle HELP!

    Hello, This is my first post and am really looking to get some help I apologize if this isn't the right place. I have been having an issue getting my 88 Bronco ii 5 Speed Manual to idle where it is supposed to. What happens is that when the engine is cold started the engine RPM will sit at...
  3. runs good for 1 minute then gets choppy, smells rich. and dies.

    Have a 85 ranger with a 2.8, 5 speed 4 wheel drive. Truck only has 60,xxx miles I just bought it and the previous owner said it needed a carb rebuild. No problem. I do the rebuild and the same problem exists. Problem is...truck will start pretty well, then after 30 seconds or so the idle will...

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