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  1. M50D Fill Plug Stuck

    I need to change my tranny fluid. Looks/smells like the previous owner filled it with gear oil rather than ATF(it's leaking from the shift rail plugs). The fill plug is totally mangled and torqued on there like crazy. I don't have the tools or money to pay someone to remove it. Is the small bolt...
  2. wizkid00104

    Ford Electrical Connectors Catalog

    So I found this on www.ford-trucks.com this morning. It is a catalog showing all the different types of electrical connectors Ford uses along with the part numbers. With all the conversion people are doing on TRS, some of you may find this useful. Probably could hurt to download a copy anyway...
  3. Replacing the rubber plugs in a M50D-R1

    I found in the Manual Transmission tech page that I have a M50D-R1, and that all three rubber plugs need to be replaced. I'm planning on changing out the tranny fluid any way and want to go ahead and replace those plugs when I do it. I was able to find the Dorman cup plug P/N 555-108 but not the...

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