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  1. Vulcan piston pin removal

    I was surprised to find no posting of this topic in the entire site, so let me write up how I did it. This is based on the vise technique shown in this video (credit): How to easily remove piston bolt without a press. I am calling it piston pin (or wise pin) as it should be. Here is an...
  2. 5.0 ring gap

    i guess i can put this post here? so im currently rebuilding a motor i got out of a 97 explorer to put in my ranger im having some issues with the ring gap. i got the rings from advance auto parts... the readings i was getting were crazy like .026 .022 so i took the set back and got a new one...
  3. 3.0 flex-fuel V-6 - 2003 model XLT

    Hello, Two months ago, I purchased a 2003 Ranger XLT with the 3.0 motor in it. It was perfect, like brand new. I was very happy with it. Yesterday it started a ticking noise in the passenger side head, sounded like a valve was, maybe, hitting the top of the piston. I believe that whatever...

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