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  1. 2.5L ('98-'01) 2.5 Lima Engine Pinging PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hey Guys, This may be a lot, but if someone could provide me some expertise that would be GREATLY appreciated I know there is a million threads for this out there. And I have pretty much read them all. Hopefully someone on here can be of some assistance. I have certainly done my homework, but...
  2. Broken flywheel teeth and pinging

    Timeline of what happened: - Bought 1991 Ford Explorer 4.0 ohv / 5spd in January 2021 in good condition. - Starter gives out a couple months later, seemingly just due to age. Replaced it with a napa reman. All is fine for a few months. - Engine starts having a pinging issue under load...
  3. Spark knock problem, tried the obvious, next steps?

    Hello all, I have a '02 Ranger with an annoying pinging issue. The plug wires and plugs were recently replaced, there is no EGR valve or knock sensor to check, I've tried running every injector cleaner in existence and running higher octane fuel does not help. Now going forward should I start...

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