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performance parts

  1. Nicworrell94rangwr

    2000 4.0L Gasket Kits and Potential Upgrades

    I’m looking into gasket kits right now I found a Fel-Pro kit for $208 is that a reasonable price?? I noticed other kits by them were a lot cheaper but none that would fit my engine, if anyone as any recommendations let me know. Being that I have the engine out and on stand I figured now would be...
  2. 2.9 v6 performance parts found ?

    While looking through the internet for some parts for my 2.9 liter I came upon a web site that has some parts for the v6 http://www.moranav6racing.com/category.html?CategoryID=38 Has any one purchased some of the parts off of here or built an engine with these parts. Also has any one done the...
  3. We're here: JET Performance!

    Hey everyone! We are so excited to finally be on here with you guys. We've loved this forum for quite some time and can't wait to interact more with you all. Here's what we do: 47 years ago JET Performance Products started off as an engine building and carburetor shop that specialized in...
  4. need pistons asap

    My 2.8 is at the machine shop and i want to push a performance piston. :3gears: where do i buy anything for my 2.8? i have already seen the 2.8 performance page on here. but i can't find pistons. i need something asap. :pray: any help[ please!?!
  5. 2.8 l performance ?

    Is there any performance parts the 2.8 l that are worth getting and if so what's a good combination to build power and retain some mpg
  6. 4.0L performance parts and suggestions

    Hi I am currently getting a 4.0L from a 91, or 92 Ranger/explorer I want to put intake and headers on it, as well as doing a hot tune 87 on it. I just have a few questions What would be the best bang for your buck in terms for the intake and headers (brands/ best performance ?) Are there any...
  7. is anyone using this camshaft

    im looking at a performance cam for my 1995 ranger (oliver, top gear uk fans will get it) is anyone using this cam http://www.summitracing.com/parts/crn-199511 judging by where he needs power I think its my best bet
  8. Range98

    Cam Questions and other Upgrades

    Hi everybody I finally got my donor vehicle and v8. I have a 1997 mercury mountaineer and I wanna dump the engine into my 1998 ranger. I have been scouring the internet for upgrades for the engine but I can't find many for my application. I'm planning on porting the heads, putting a more...

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