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  1. sauceman

    Cheap and easy mods to increase HP and performance

    Hi Everyone! I'm looking for ideas for some fairly cheap, easy mods for me to do to my 1992 ford ranger XLT. I'm a beginner and I am looking for good starter projects to take on! Any recommendations?
  2. 95 Explorer 4wd Donor for 93 Ranger 2wd

    I am looking at getting a rusted out 95 Explorer 4WD as a donor for a 8.8 rear swap to lower my 93 Ranger. Want to hear from all you experienced guys about what else I could salvage from this thing to use on my truck. Thanks.
  3. OfficerRodFarva

    99 3.0 turbo options for so cal

    hey all i am interested in adding boost to my vulcan and want to know what my best option is. im leaning towards a turbo charger over a super charger, also what parts i would need minus the obvious (turbo,header, ecm, tune) and what injectors would be best.. id like to be able to boost about...
  4. 89 ford ranger rear driveshaft parts help

    hey yall .. this is my first post to the forum here and but been a reader for a while for fixit help. any way here is my dilemma . Im in south east Minnesota i have an 89 ranger 4 cyl 4x4 with a 7 foot bed and by drive shaft shat out on me a few days ago. ive called every salvage yard in 100...
  5. rawrrediffer86

    Doing work son.

    So I work at a junkyard. & its sad the trucks that come in. the other day someone tried junking a MINT 80s ranger. i about cried. hah. just had to vent. working at the bone yard sucks somedays. :(
  6. 1354 versus 4407 parts list

    I have a 1354 transfer case (elec.) but the parts inside look more like the ones from the 4407. In my case in the exploded factory drawing, the 1354 is missing the part that is worn out which is the shift collar hub. However, it appears in the exploded drawing for the BW 4407. Anybody had to...
  7. Parts for Ranger built in Thailand

    I have a 2006 4WD Ext 2.9L 12V Diesel Ranger from Auto Alliance Thailand. I am in Haiti and it is often times easier to find parts online and have them brought from the US versus looking in shops here. I hear these vehicles are the same as the Mazda B series. I can never look up part numbers...
  8. I have a 1995 Aerostar and wondering which parts are interchangeable to my Ranger?

    Hi I have a 1995 Ford Aerostar All Wheel Drive 4.0Litre XLT model minivan and the transmission is making grinding noises. I went to MisterTransmission and they said 1500$ to 2200$ to fix it. I said I only paid a 1000$ for the van, I'm not fixing it but it is in amazing shape! Nobody even wants...