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  1. 99 Ranger body panels/bumper

    Hey all, Does anybody know if any body panels from a 98 Explorer will fit a 99 Ranger? I am mainly curious on the rear bumper. Thanks, Mike
  2. 1986 Bronco II Instrument Panel Dummy lights

    Just picked up a Bronco II (2.9 5 speed, 2wd) which I had to do a lot of reassembly. Unfortunately, the overlay for the dummy lights is missing. Could someone please identify these for me so I don't ignore the oil pressure light thinking its the seatbelt light! There are 8 divided sections on...
  3. Weird Problem

    HELP! I have a 2001 Ford Ranger Edge edition; it has the 4.0 V6 and a standard transmission. Just recently I have had a problem with some of the lights. The problems are: I have no light in the rear when I put the transmission in reverse. The other problem is when I hit the brakes, the...
  4. need a 2003 ranger fuse panel diagram

    I need to figure out what size fuses I need where. can anyone post a diagram of the fuse panel for a 3.0L 2003 ranger?

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