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  1. P1506 Code and Slow return to Idle

    So I've been Lurking around trying different tips on solving this P1506 code and I cant seem to solve it or my Idle problem. The Engine idles at 900 when stationary, but the main issue is when moving and pushing in the clutch or shifting to neutral, the idle stays or even revs up to 3000 revs...
  2. 1996 2.3L P1506, Need Help!

    I have a 1996 2.3L. I was originally pulling codes for Insufficent EGR flow as well as Ignition Circuit 1 & 2. After putting in close to $1000 into this truck I am currently pulling P1506 Idle Air Control Overspeed. The truck is no longer pulling the previous codes (EGR & Ignition). The truck...

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