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  1. 1995 B4000 SE 4x4 - OBD 2 codes displayed

    I plugged my OBD 2 scanner into the plug on my 1995 B4000 SE 4x4 4.0 OHV I got these codes: P0500 Vehicle Speed Sensor A Malfunction P0141 O2 sensor Heater Malfunction B1 S1 P0155 O2 sensor Heater Malfunction B2 S1 P1151 Lack of upstream heated O2 sensor _______switch; indicates lean...
  2. Troubleshooting EGR Error Code P0401

    Hello fellow forum members - Long time lurker that's picked up lots of useful information, but am now in need of some help. I'm working on my 1996 Ranger with a 4.0L. It has the P0401 EGR Flow Trouble Code. I've read countless postings on here to try and learn as much as I could. From what...

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