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oxygen sensor

  1. Oxygen sensors

    I have a 94 ranger xlt with a 4.0 previous owner removed the o2 sensors and plugged them and removed the wiring for them I need to get them back in because the truck is running rich but I obviously have to run new wiring so if anyone has a wiring diagram or has done this before etc help would be...
  2. HELP! 1994 2.3l ranger stumbles on acceleration

    OK here's the story. 1994 Ranger 2.3l manual, 2WD no AC. the engine light has been on for some time. I tried reading the codes, but I got different codes every time and researching what I got led me nowhere. SO I replaced the air filter, fuel filter, PCV, DPFE, TPS, ICM. I Tested the fuel pump...

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